Lehman Food Bank Registration for Online Service

Update as of May 11: The last batch of gift cards for Spring 2020 has been distributed on May 10. At the moment, there is no supply nor funding to accept new applicants. Depending on the budget, there may be summer services for those who are enrolled in summer courses. Summer registration will open on June 1 at: bit.ly/Summerpantry.

The Lehman College Food Bank is committed to support and help students as best as we can. Virtual service consists of a supermarket gift card distribution when there is supply. We try to distribute weekly but students are not guaranteed a gift card every week due to limited supply. 

In order to improve our services, we need to understand the current need of all Lehman College students. We will use your responses to advocate for more and better resources.

The questions in this survey are based on the USDA's Adult Food Security Survey Module.

*Lehman College Food Bank is only serving currently enrolled Lehman College students. 

*** Do not resubmit. Only one registration is necessary. To apply for consideration for the second cycle, refer to the gift card usage survey link provided on the email with the gift card information. 

Full Name (Do not just put your first name)
Preferred Email
Emplid ID
Current Lehman student?
Who is living with you in your household? Select all that applies:
Presently, do you and/or your family live in any of the following situations?
Were you ever a recipient of the Lehman College Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund (Petrie grant)?
I am interested in virtual services and I confirm that the email provided above is the best email to communicate with me.